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Finding Your Perfect Skincare Routine

Finding Your Perfect Skincare Routine

As you might have already guessed, we’re a little bit obsessed with healthy skin. So our goal today is to share with you what we’ve learned about designing the ideal skincare routine for each skin type.

There’s no one size fits all approach to healthy skin, but by knowing your skin type, we can hone in on exactly what you need to look your absolute best and address your needs. Let’s face it, your skin is just as unique as you are.

There’s so much guess work that many women are applying to their own skincare routines that unfortunately a lot can go wrong. We’ll talk about how mismatched pH on your cosmetic products can lead to more problems and help you design the perfect routine for you.

So, let’s start by identifying what type of skin you have!

Skin can be considered ‘normal’ if it doesn’t get particularly oily or dry and if concerns like anti-aging, acne, and sensitivity aren’t major parts of your day to day skincare needs. Basically, this is what we all wish we had but what most of us do not!

Next up is ‘dry skin’ which is much more common and means that your skin has a damaged moisture barrier. What that means is that there are little invisible cracks in your outer layers of skin that allow moisture to escape and unfortunately irritants are able to penetrate more easily, which means they can get into your bloodstream more easily too. Don’t worry, it sounds bad but solutions are coming (keep reading!).

Now the opposite state is ‘oily skin’ which means that your skin has larger than average oil glands and higher sebum content. This genetic skin type comes with a different set of needs because the goal is to manage the oil levels by keeping your skin more lightly hydrated than others might require.

Many women have what is known as ‘combination skin’ which, you guessed it, means that skin is oily in certain places and dry in others. There’s a plan for this too. Basically this skin type requires a middle of the road approach that addresses both the dry and oily areas without overdoing it on either side.

‘Sensitive skin’ is skin that gets red and irritated easily with any aggressive treatments. Much of this sensitivity may be caused or worsened by many of today’s chemical-laden skin treatments. For women with sensitive skin, balancing the pH of your cosmetic products is critical!

No guide to skincare routine would be complete without addressing the number one concern that anyone over 20 must begin to consider: ‘aging skin’. When it comes to improving the condition of aging skin, the main goal is to plump up and fill in wrinkles, dissolve dark spots and give sagging skin a nice lift. The needs of aging skin are similar to those of dry skin but with a few specific differences that we’ll get into below.

There are a few principles of the ideal skincare routine that apply across the board, no matter what your specific skin needs are. First let’s talk about those!

Start with the morning routine.

The morning is about protecting your skin. For example, no matter what kind of skin you have and no matter what your age is, your skin will be bombarded with pollution and free radicals throughout the day–this includes the stress from your lifestyle, diet and external factors outside of your control. This is why antioxidants and SPF sunblock are so important in the morning.

Everyone needs a baseline of a reliable, lightweight daytime moisturizer. This is the cornerstone on which any effective skincare regimen is built!

To address the morning needs of women with all different skin types, Beauticell created the DAY Moisturizer. This formula works because it combines nature’s most potent hydrating agents like Hyaluronic Acid, Scenedesmus Rubescens Extract, Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract and Aloe Vera, so your skin is equipped to sustain complete moisturization throughout the day–and fight free radicals.

In addition, you benefit from the natural protective properties of each extract, including the antioxidant properties of vitamin C. The smooth, lightweight formula makes it ideal for everyday use alone or under makeup for any skin type, and it won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin.

Another excellent tip for your morning routine, for all skin types is an eye cream that removes puffiness and bags under the eyes. Caffeine is a potent ingredient that helps wake up the eyes and bring out your vibrant smile.

Beauticell’s Eye Remedy Cream helps remove eye-bags and dark circles while smoothing crow’s feet wrinkles. Most eye creams only fix one part of the problem. By combining Caffeine, Fruit Acids, Chamomile, and Cucumber extracts, this formula delivers immediate results that improve with use over time. Chamomile and cucumber have a calming effect. Those Fruit Acids increase exfoliation and promote softer skin with an attractive glow.

The evening routine.

Evening is all about restoring and repairing your skin–this applies to every skin type. You lose more moisture while sleeping than any other time throughout the day. This is why it’s so important to power up your routine with potent ingredients each night so that you wake up looking and feeling refreshed.

It’s also important to think about detoxifying your skin from all the stress and free radicals you encounter throughout the day. This means choosing a gentle cleanser that won’t overly dry your skin.

When you’re choosing a cleanser, avoid products that contain Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates. These are harsh detergents often found in foaming face cleansers, shampoos, body washes and soaps. These proven irritants are absorbed by the skin and retained in the eyes, brains, heart and liver and may contain carcinogens including ethylene oxide. Lauryl Sulfate is considered by many to be the most dangerous ingredient found in skincare products today. For more on what chemicals to watch out for, read up on our Top Ingredients to Look Out For.

At night, after you’ve cleansed, it’s time to lock in some serious moisture.

Beauticell’s Night Moisturizer is a perfect fit for every skin type as it gently hydrates and detoxifies skin while you sleep. Natural ingredients like Sea Kelp Extract, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, Calendula and Licorice Root moisturize and nourish your skin for a healthy, youthful glow. Together they decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This intensive formula keeps skin hydrated and nourished with powerful natural extracts all night. This means you wake up to healthy, glowing skin, every day. This formula works for all skin types, but if you have oily skin, you’ll want to use slightly less.

For most, a nickel sized dose will do! Rub it in lightly and remember to rub upward, against gravity!

Weekly routine.

Some skincare practices don’t need to be performed every day, but applied a couple times a week will make a major difference in your smile–no matter what skin type you have. This includes exfoliating and deep moisturizing masks. If you have dry skin, you’ll want to exfoliate only once a week but for most skin types, twice a week is ideal.

When choosing an exfoliant, make sure to avoid microbeads which are actually plastic and create pollution. You also want to avoid exfoliant solutions that are too harsh if you have sensitive skin. These can include nut based beads that do more damage to your skin than they’re worth. You can even create your own gentle exfoliating scrub using sugar and coconut oil that will dissolve as you gently scrub away dead skin cells. This will reveal your bright vibrant skin and keep your complexion bright and lively.

Another key to healthy skin is choosing a hydrating mask that you’ll use 1-2 times per week. One of our favorite ingredients to look for is green tea extract. The reason for this is because of its potent antioxidant properties. As you know by now, your skin is constantly at war with stress and free radicals. Green tea extract helps to combat the build up of free radicals and improve the health of your skin gently and effectively.

What about anti-aging concerns?

After about 20 years old, collagen and elastin production begin to slow. This means that the elasticity of your skin will begin to hold less and so will require a bit of extra care to keep your skin looking its best and most vibrant.

In addition to slowing production of collagen and elastin, the biggest cause of aging skin is–you guessed it–free radicals. This is why it’s so important to choose an anti-aging serum that contains potent antioxidants.

Beauticell created Lift and Firming Serum specially to deliver a potent blend of super-antioxidants directly to your skin to help fight early aging by promoting healthy skin. Vitamin C & Vitamin E are powerful but they break down quickly. So, Ferulic Acid is added to stabilize that breakdown to boost antioxidant bioavailability. Other natural extracts like Green Tea also help nourish collagen. Together these active natural ingredients make Lift and Firming Serum by Beauticell one of the best ways to help improve the appearance of lines, loss of firmness, and dull skin.

Another one of our favorite tips for aging skin is to focus on your neck. Moisturizing your neck is critical! This area is one of the first to show signs of aging and is also one of the most overlooked.

Choose wisely.

It’s important with skincare as with anything that goes onto or into your body to consider the mixture that you are creating. If you mix too many different types of products you may cause a pH imbalance than can have several unwanted effects. This includes skin irritation and breakouts, but also can cause the ingredients in different products to offset each other and reduce their effectiveness.

Your best bet is always to find a product line that works with your skin, whose products are designed to work in conjunction with each other, not against.

These are some of our favorite ways to manage our skincare concerns, but what about yours? Let us know about your best skin care tips and tricks.